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Vie Air 12 Inch Exhaust Ventilation Fan with Shutters

The 12 Inch Exhaust Ventilation Fan with Shutters by VieAir is perfect for moving and circulating air from you most used rooms. Pull odors, fumes and moisture out of areas in your home, venting them outside for removal leaving you with clean, fresh and cool air. This exhaust fan is hardwired and can be simply controlled by an electrical switch. This fan is also ideal for cooling down areas that become hot from cooking, showering and workouts such as kitchens, bathrooms and home gyms. Never worry about overheating, the fan is equipped with a Thermal Protector, protecting the unit from overloading.

Item Weight: 9.25 lbs

Item Dimensions: 15.00l x 15.00w x 8.15h


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Email: info@vieair.com
Website: www.vieair.com

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Santa Clarita, CA 91350
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